Fabric Gallery


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A pioneer in the fabric & fashion industry has turned its love for fabrics, textures & fashion over the past three & a half decades into an inspiring movement in Sri Lanka.
Crafted as a family-owned venture; Fabric Gallery inherently appreciates the heritage & art of fabrics, design & the ever-evolving textile industry. The brand has now morphed itself to represent a destination catering to all your outfit needs for any occasion. It also maintains an ethos of encouraging individuals to design their outfits.
Thus, the racks of the five-storey outlet gleams with the best of patterned luxurious silks, rich brocade, delicate lace, linen, sarees and lehengas. Customers of all types, from everyday shoppers, to brides-to-be and designers will be mesmerized by the choice showcased at the store.
Today the outlet delivers on its promise of affordable luxury whilst disseminating its vast knowledge across fabric & fashion

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