When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress how important is it for your dream dress to suit your venue and how will it set the tone for your wedding day?

From recent experience, I find that most couples don’t have a particular theme as such for their big day. They do however have some specific ideas about flowers and colours etc and what they might like to wear. Obviously, there are some that have a very themed wedding (those couples who take part in Don’t tell the bride for instance) but in general I find that the wedding dress plays a big part in getting ideas flowing and brings all the small details together.
The question I get asked the most by brides to be is do you know what will suit a bride the minute you clap eyes on her? My answer is always the same. I can usually tell what wont suit her, but I am surprised all the time. The reason I mention this is because the best advice I can offer any bride, and I quote, is to keep an open mind.
If we are too set in our ideas it can make for a difficult decision when you find a dress that you absolutely love but did not anticipate. On countless occasions, I have seen a bride torture herself with a debate over the dress she thought she would go for over the dress that she absolutely didn’t think she would go for.
The important thing is that you feel amazing in the dress and that you feel comfortable and body confident. We can all stand back and tell someone how we think they look but if the person wearing the dress is not feeling it, then it will never fulfil its potential or be fit for purpose.
Girls, do yourself a huge favour and trust your gut instinct. Ditch the doubts and suspicion. If when you look in the mirror and you love what you see and you feel excited by it, then how can it be wrong?
The venue and then the dress combined will definitely start the juices flowing and shove the creative side of your plans into full throttle. Keep your options open and let the fun begin.

Team Marriage.lk

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